Computer Fundamental (22 marks)

  1. Answer the following questions: 2×5=10
  1. a) What is network topology? Write any one advantage of star topology.

The arrangement or connection pattern of computer or nodes and other devices of the network are known as network topology.

Any one advantage of star topology is:

  1. i) Failure of single computer or cable doesn’t affect the entire network.
  1. b) Give any two advantages of E-mail over traditional mail.

Any two advantages of E-mail over traditional mail are

  1. i) It allows sending and receiving message across the world at very low cost.
  2. ii) Emails are usually received fairly quickly, most of the time a couple of seconds after they are sent.

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Save (Not Permitted) Dialog Box SSMS

Save (Not Permitted) Dialog Box

The Save (Not Permitted) dialog box warns you that saving changes is not permitted because the changes you have made require the listed tables to be dropped and re-created.

The following actions might require a table to be re-created:

  • Adding a new column to the middle of the table
  • Dropping a column
  • Changing column nullability
  • Changing the order of the columns
  • Changing the data type of a column

To change this option, on the Tools menu, click Options, expand Designers, and then click Table and Database Designers. Select or clear the Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created check box.


Save (Not Permitted) Dialog Box.